Friday, November 25, 2011

English Press Strike Again

Photo courtesy of Jarred Donalson

Teal Bunbury didn't even make it to England to begin his training stint before transfer rumors started this year. Last year while training with Stoke City, the English press jumped on it and said that Bunbury was trialing with the EPL side and that the Potters were interested in buying the KC forward.

This year with his training stint at Bolton the English press have already turned it into rumors of buying. Reports are that Owen Coyle is interested in "swooping for the US international". We learned last year how the English press exaggerates these types of stories, and we're seeing it again with Bolton.

Speaking of Bunbury and his training with Bolton (and possibly Newcastle), word now is that he might not go. According to Greg Seltzer, there might be a US Olympic team camp in December which may keep Bunbury from going to England. Bunbury missed the last Olympic camp in Germany because of his ankle injury, but is expected to play a role in qualifying.

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