Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday After Stats

Here is your new Sunday After Stats update after last night's game against Colorado.

In the 14th minute, Josh Wolff hit the 10,000 minute mark in league play for the Wizards, he's the 11th player to hit that mark for KC. He finished the game with 10,056 minutes.

In was also Wolff's 141st appearance for the Wizards in all competitions, tying him with Francisco Gomez for 13th place on that list.

Michael Harrington made his 96th start in all competitions for KC, tying him with Chris Brown for 20th place on that list.

Jack Jewsbury made his 127th start in league play for the Wizards, breaking his tie with Matt McKeon for 8th place on that list.


scaryice said...

KC has scored 5 straight goals to start the season while allowing none (as have LA). The record is 7, by 2007 NY and 2009 SEA.

Mike said...

Very cool, thanks for that stat scary.