Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some Random Wizards News

Some real quick house cleaning news about the Wizards today that's kind of interesting. First, I want to real quick touch again on the goal that Seattle scored against the Wizards on Saturday. Seattle coach, Sigi Schmid has responded to the news earlier today that the goal shouldn't have stood. He says that basically while Brad Evans did take the throw in up field, that happens all the time in soccer and you can't be "nitpicky" about when you call it. I think that's BS, you see it all the time in soccer, fouls are called earlier in the game that aren't normally called later, or things around midfield that aren't called around the defensive third of the field. That's how soccer goes, everything that's going on in the game influences the referee and his decision.

Speaking of that incident, I've seen quite a few people make the comment that Michael Fucito was offside on the play. Let me say what I said on Twitter earlier today again. You can NOT be offside on a throw in. It's in the Laws of the Game, Rule 11. Again, you can not be offside on a throw in so let's drop that argument please.

Onto other news, Steven Goff with the Washington Post wrote today that Jamar Beasley, the brother of DaMarcus, is looking to get back into MLS, and apparently the Wizards have spoke with him, but currently he's not been brought in for a trial. Beasley played under assistant coach, Zoran Savic when Savic was the coach of the KC Comets back before the team went under. Beasley has been playing basically indoor soccer since 2003 with a few trips to minor league outdoor teams. Something to follow along with for the immediate future.

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