Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hercegfalvi Out with ACL Tear

As I posted on twitter earlier today, the Wizards will be without Zoltan Hercegfalvi for the next five to eight months after being diagnosed with a torn ACL. Hercegfalvi picked up the injury in the second half of KC's 2-1 win over AC St. Louis this past weekend. How big of a loss it will be remains to be seen. Me personally I am very disappointed in the injury as I thought Hercegfalvi was a good fit for the Wizards, he provided a determination and strength that I don't really see in KC's other strikers (not saying the others don't bring that, but Hercegfalvi did at a different level). Having torn my ACL twice I know it's not a fun experience at all. It's extremely painful and the rehab is a long hard process as well, but it's certainly recoverable from.

If there is a bright side in this news, it's the fact that it likely means the Wizards don't have to waive a player from the signing of Sunil Chhetri. With Hercegfalvi going onto injured reserve, the Wizards now have his roster spot open, as well as his international slot. It also gives other international players more time to get a green card so an international is not waived when Hercegfalvi does return. See Peter Vermes thoughts on the injury below.

UPDATE: Although the latest from Gooch at the Star is that it won't really affect Chhetri yet, as Vermes says he still needs to adjust. It also says that the Wizards have not gotten Chhetri's International Transfer card, although it appears it has been granted by FIFA.

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