Monday, April 26, 2010

March/April Player of the Month

A little over the first month of the season has taken place at this point, and it's time for the first player of the month award. The Wizards went 2-2-1 in all competitions in March and April, beating DC and Colorado, while drawing with LA, and losing to Colorado and Seattle. Unlike a few months last year, there are plenty of players to choose from this month on both sides of the ball. Here's a look at a few of them.

Stephane Auvray - He has one assist, but he wasn't brought to KC for his offensive capabilities, but for his strength in midfield. He's done a very good job of shutting down the center of the field in every game the Wizards have played so far.

Matt Besler - The second year man has been extremely consistent in helping shut down the primary attackers for the Wizards opponents and is starting to come into his own.
Kei Kamara - Kamara has been a good offensive weapon for KC, scoring 2 goals and coming close to more. His miss against LA aside, he's been a strong presence for the Wizards up top.

Jimmy Nielsen - 1 goal against in 4 games, and that goal shouldn't have counter, Nielsen is second in the league in GAA.

Ryan Smith - A goal and two assists for the former Arsenal youth player, who's been the Wizards primary attacking weapon. He hasn't been able to get as much space the past few games, but he's definitely going to continue to be a threat for KC.

So who gets the award this month?

Photo courtesy of Thad Bell

Jimmy Nielsen. I have to admit that my apprehensions about Nielsen are long gone. One goal in four games is nothing to belittle, especially when it includes shutting out high profile striker teams like Conor Casey and Omar Cummings and Edson Buddle and Landon Donovan. Those two strike teams are going to get a lot of goals this season and they were shutout against KC. He's made big saves and has really endeared himself to the Cauldron and other Wizards fans, making many move on from the disappointment in Kevin Hartman not coming back.

Photo courtesy Matthias Soda Potter


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more....including being nervous before the season and now totally buying in to what Nielsen brings to the table.

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Reepicheep said...

I liked the interview he gave where he was pretty open about his gambling stuff from the past. The guy seems like a good leader. Good pick up by Vermes and the crew.