Monday, April 12, 2010

Keeping Busy

The Wizards continue a busy week as they take on the Colorado Rapids for the second time in 4 days tomorrow out at UMKC. This time, the two teams are battling to try and get one step closer to the US Open Cup proper. A few of Colorado's starters from Saturday have returned to Colorado, while a few other players have come into KC, including former Wizard, Claudio Lopez. It seems like there will be quite a few Rapids players pulling double duty tomorrow night after playing on Saturday.

My original thought when I heard about this match, was that the Wizards will play mainly, if not all, reserves in this game, but with what Colorado appears to be putting out, I think we'll see a few more starters in the lineup. The other thing that will affect the lineup is the US Open Cup rules, which allow for only 5 international players on the game day roster. That currently puts a dent in my thought, when guys like Sunil Chhetri, Igor Kostrov, Craig Rocastle, Santiago Hirsig, Pablo Escobar, and Birahim Diop are all currently reserves. Factor in that KC will also likely need to use a spot for Jimmy Nielsen who I think will just be on the bench while Eric Kronberg gets the start and you realize you're going to need to have more starters in the game. Sure there will be more reserve players, but I'm starting to think we'll see more starters. One thing that we would appear to know is that our new Indian forward, Chhetri, will be getting the start according to the Star.

Myers - Chhetri - Bunbury
Rocastle - Zusi - Jewsbury
Aiyegbusi - Escobar - Besler - Leathers

Key Match Up - Sunil Chhetri vs CO back line. Chhetri has 4 goals in 2 games against college teams, now is the time to see how he steps up against another professional team.

PREDICTION - My lineup is a bit of a crap shoot as it's hard to guess exactly how KC is going to lineup, I'm sure there will be a few reserves as well as probably more starters than the two I listed in my prediction. This game will certainly give a chance to check out at least a portion of our depth, but we're also limited by the international player rule. Either way I think KC has more talent in their bench and they'll pull it off here.

KC - 2 (Bunbury x2)
CO - 0


James said...

Oooh brave call on the goal scorer ... I think if we go with your lineup we simply lose. I'm not putting that out there though :D

Mike said...

The more I think about it, the more I don't think we'll have that lineup. That lineup would basically mean every single American starter on our roster (minus Nielsen) would be on the bench because that'd be all our international players allowed. I'm sure we'll see some more starters in there.