Wednesday, April 14, 2010

KC Trying to Get Hall of Fame

The US Soccer Hall of Fame closed it's doors in Oneonta, NY this past February, and the Wizards have stepped up to try and fill the gap. Apparently Kansas City, KS, the Wizards, the NSCAA, and other groups have held preliminary discussions with the Hall in hopes of at least getting a branch of the Hall of Fame to come to the Wizards new stadium once it is completed in 2011.

It doesn't look like the full Hall of Fame may ever be back together, at least for the immediate future according Jonathan Ullman, president of the National Soccer Hall of Fame and Museum. Ullman says that the Hall is using a new model that includes having exhibits in different places around the country. Ullman's quotes as a whole though, don't seem to favor KC, they seem to point towards Ullman wanting other locations.

The grand vision of Greg Cotton, chief operating officer of the Wizards, is to have the yearly Hall of Fame inductions take place in KC along with the final of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup and a major youth tournament on the new youth fields. I like the general idea, but I still think the final should be hosted by one of the two teams, but done via a draw, not a bid process. In the past the finals as a whole have not been well attended, but neutral venue finals haven't been well attended either. At least at the home of one team (with decent marketing) you can have a decent turnout.

Personally I would love for the Hall to be in KC, I'd always wanted to go to the Hall of Fame in Oneonta for years, but unfortunately didn't make it before it closed. Having it here in KC would be fantastic and a great opportunity for KC to put itself on the soccer map even more. The big thing I'd personally want here in KC though would be the archives, and all the great stats and history that are included in those. So here's to the Hall coming to KC.

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