Thursday, April 01, 2010

DP Rule Changes

MLS announced today changes to the designated player rule that take affect immediately. Instead of having 1 designated player and being able to trade for a second slot, team's will now be able to have 2 DPs and have the ability to purchase a third DP slot for their team. Each DP will count $335,000, so a team that uses all 3 DP slots will be using over $1 million on 3 players for their team. By buying a third DP slot, a team would be required to pay a $250,000 fee that would be handed out by allocation money to the other MLS teams that do not have 3 DPs.

What's this mean for KC? I honestly don't see KC bringing in the team's second ever DP this season. Peter Vermes seems happy with the team as it is now. Of course should a player become available after the World Cup, who's to say Vermes doesn't go after that player. Still I doubt that KC will be bringing in a DP. Next year seems a bit more of a possibility. I don't doubt that OnGoal will eventually bring in another DP, but I personally hope we don't get 3. I don't see the point of using that much cap space on just those 3 players, because you're more likely to put a team like the 2008 Galaxy around those 3 players. It will be interesting to see which teams do end up using the full 3 DPs allowed. I have a feeling LA and Seattle will be two of them. The other is potentially New York who seems likely to at least add a second this summer.

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