Wednesday, April 07, 2010

New KC Soccer Radio Show

The Wizards put out a release today saying that there is a new KC soccer radio show in KC. Sports Radio 810 is going to be broadcasting The Kansas City Soccer Show on Saturday mornings from 10-11 am. The show will cover the Wizards, Juniors, and other local soccer, international soccer, and the 2010 World Cup. The show is going to be hosted by Jake Gutierrez, a former goalkeeper at Western Illinois and consistent player in the Wizards Media Game each year and Josh Whisenhunt of the Wizards' youth soccer department.

It should be really interesting to see how this show comes along. I know many people have been wanting a show like this, and now people finally get the chance. Hopefully it becomes a good success. It continues a great offseason/early season for the Wizards when it comes to the KC media. First we had the announcement that the Wizards would be on KCWE this season for their games and that they'd be broadcasted in HD. Then we had the massive improvement in coverage from the KC Star and Charles Gooch, making the Star a more important stop for Wizards fans. And now this, it's all good news for soccer fans in the KC area as they now have more places to get soccer news and talk soccer with other people around KC. So call The KC Soccer Show 913-3-810-810 or use Twitter, or Facebook to ask questions.


Anonymous said...

Where can we go to ask 810 to get you and Thad on for the Wizards portion?

Ron Bishop said...

Great! Any chance it will be available as a podcast or rebroadcast? - lots of youth soccer at that time frame.

After "Car Talk", I'll flip over to The Kansas City Soccer Show - can't stand "Whad'ya Know?":)