Monday, January 18, 2010

Wyandotte County Meeting Tomorrow

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County has called a special meeting for 5pm tomorrow night and the Wizards want you to be there in your Wizards gear. The special meeting is about the Wizards and Cerner project out at the Legends. According to the Wizards, should the Unified Government approve the deal tomorrow, construction would begin immediately. So if you can make it to Kansas City, Kansas city hall tomorrow, be there, and wear your blue. And if we hear good news then things will be proceeding in a hurry it sounds like.

The article from the Star says that the stadium will be opening by the 2012 season, with the first 1,000 Cerner jobs starting by the end of that year. The 2012 date is a little later than fans were told. Most fans will remember being told the stadium would open around the 2011 all star break, but I think most people were starting to doubt that a little bit. If pushed back to the 2012 season, that means two full seasons still at CAB, but it gives plenty of build up and it means no 2011 schedule with a road heavy first half of the season, which we've seen sink MLS teams in seasons past.

Honestly this sounds like this will be good news tomorrow. I wouldn't imagine that the Wizards would have fans come out and the announcement would be anything but positive. The Wizards have asked this previously for KCMO city council meetings and Overland Park city council meetings, and both of those were positive meetings. So here's hoping this one is as well. Maybe they'll hold official ground breaking Saturday and then host a US watch party.

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