Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Dirt is Moving

photo courtesy of Thad Bell

Following up on what he said yesterday, Robb Heineman got behind the "wheel" of one of those machines sitting out at the Legends stadium site and made the first breaking of ground. The photo above is from Heineman's first dig in the ground. After the ceremonial dig, Heineman made way for the professionals and they started moving dirt in the southeast corner of the complex, around the area where the entrance to the Cauldron Club will be. It's still a long ways off and I'll feel better once things are further along, but it's good to see the work start immediately after the approval unlike at Bannister where we waited a little before the mall started to get knocked down. Even with my reservations, this moment should still not be belittled, it's a big moment in the process of getting the stadium built.

Thad at The Back Post has some good information on the construction as well, saying that the site will have 2 web cams set up eventually. One of the web cams will be on a pole on the State Ave bridge over France Family Dr. on the south side of the development. The second one will be on the corner of State Ave and N. 106th St, on the west side of the development.

Here's video of the first dig.

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