Friday, January 22, 2010

Invitee Tryouts

Yesterday I mentioned some of the trialists that were in or coming to KC. Today Thad at The Back Post went out to practice to see what was going on with the biggest of the names on that list, Vincenzo Bernardo, and found that there were about 30 players there for an invitee tryout. Along with some of the players I mentioned, there were some other players there that Wizards fans or soccer fans in general may recognize. Two former Wizards were out there at the tryouts, former open tryout participant, Nelson Pizarro, and a draft pick from last year, Doug DeMartin.

Probably the biggest name of all those there, was Ian Walker, who judging from Thad's photos is the same Ian Walker that player in the Premiership. Walker, who is 38 now, was last with Bolton in the 08-09 season, but has not played a professional game since the 06-07 season. Unfortunately from the photos I don't recognize any other players that are out there though. I'm sure those that impress will be hanging around and joining the team when they begin training this Tuesday. Will be interesting to see who impresses enough to be brought back, if any.

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