Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Stadium Design Information

The Sports Business Journal put out a story yesterday talking with the architecture firm, Populous, who is the firm that will be building the Wizards new stadium. Unfortunately you need a subscription to read the full article, but a poster on bigsoccer has given us that information. The article has lots of great insight into the new stadium. The main topic of discussion is the roof which according to the article will cover all 18,300 seats in the stadium, basing the design off of European stadiums, while at the same time making it unique to the Wizards. The article also touches on "the communal premium-dining concept" as the article calls it, talking about patios for the sky boxes as well as an exclusive Cauldron pub for members of the Cauldron that will be behind the section at the new stadium. The pub will be set up like a German beer hall and will be open on non-game days as well, giving people a place for watch parties for all sorts of events.

The article gives a much better picture of the stadium than what we had before, it still leaves a lot to the imagination, but what we have gives me great visions of what the stadium is going to be looking like once it is finished. Now let's starting getting the stadium up (once it's actually warm enough outside for any work at all to be done).

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