Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wizards Sign Stephane Auvray

Remember Robb Heineman telling Wizards fans that the Wizards had signed 2 new players. Today thanks to Thad at The Back Post, we've publicly learned the name of one of those players, Stephane Auvray. I'd been hearing that we'd signed Auvray, but had been unable to find an official source for the signing. Auvray is the Wizards new defensive midfielder. He's been spending the most of his career in the French second division.

He's definitely not a goal scorer, having only scored 3 career goals, but from highlights I've seen of his online, his play in the midfield will be a big plus for the Wizards. He'll bring back a little bit of the destroyer to the position that the Wizards have been lacking in the middle of the field. And with the small field at CAB, having a guy that can dominate the middle of the field is a major plus. I need to see him in person to know for sure, but from what I've seen of him, I definitely like this pick up.

Check out the video of some of his play.


Reepicheep said...

smart signing.

Unknown said...

The video makes me excited! Looks like he could be a good addition to the team!

MOUFWASH said...

well it looks like he knows how to press well, seems like a very very good signing. I am pumped with all the good news this week for the Wizards.

Unknown said...

The Wizards just signed one of the top five central midfielders in the league. I’ve been watching Auvrey since two Gold Cups ago when he led Guadeloupe to the semis – and he helped his team earn promotion and a good French Cup run.
Imagine a cross between Kyle Beckerman and Ricardo Clark – with a touch of Leonel Alvarez tossed in.
You might not have heard of him yet, but this will be a HUGE signing in Wizards history.

Anonymous said...

Cool. He plays like a bulldog!

Laurent said...

Definitively a needed man! Stephane looks strong and it seems to have the right profile to play this league. If you have a chance to meet him, tell him that there is a small French community. Laurent