Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Waiting on the Two New Players

Last night, Wizards president, Robb Heineman mentioned that the team was going to be announcing two new signings today, unfortunately today that turned out not be true as Heineman posted today. As has been the case in the past the Wizards are waiting for P-1 Visas to be finalized before the signings are official. Unlike the past few years, when the signings of Ivan Trujillo and Santiago Hirsig were announced their P-1 Visas were finalized, the Wizards are not giving away the names of the players the team has signed. According to Ives Galarcep earlier this morning, though, he confirms my thought the Wizards had indeed gotten one of the three Colombian defenders that signed with MLS.

In his tweets today, Heineman says the Wizards also have "several more pending", which means it looks like the roster overhaul we were told was coming is finally starting to happen. The question is now when the "house cleaning" will occur and current players will start leaving. The Wizards were already over the 24 man roster limit due to players being onn IR to end last season, so the Wizards will have plenty of players that will not be making the team again this year, unless rosters are once again expanded.

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