Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wizards NOT Set to Sign Walker

For those that missed it earlier today, word out of the UK was that the Wizards were "set to sign" Ian Walker, who had been in town recently for the invite only tryouts that the Wizards held out at Swope Park. The funny thing is that the report states the source as, close friend of this blog, Thad from The Back Post. For reference, here is Thad's report about the invitee tryouts last Friday, you see a mention of the fact that Walker is there at the tryout, but nothing about the Wizards even considering signing the former England international. Thad told me he does not know where the article got the idea that he was "set to sign" from his post. According to Thad, Walker isn't even currently in camp with the team, while another keeper from the tryouts and Nelson Pizarro still are with the team.

After I read the article this morning I tweeted about the potential signing. I was quickly given a tweet response from the Wizards themselves on the signing, saying "Walker is on trial, but reports that he's signing are premature. He's trying to make the squad like others in camp." Given all this information, I'd that I've been given, including speaking with the article's source, I'd say it's a little far off the mark right now. Now whether it turns out to eventually be true, we'll have to wait and see, but he's certainly not "set to sign"

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