Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wizards to Play US U-17 Team?

That's what it sounds like if you've been reading Robb Heineman's twitter posts. Almost a day ago, Heineman posted on his twitter account "looking like we will play the usmnt 17s in kc". The US U-17 national team is preparing for the U-17 World Cup which begins for the US on October 26th against Spain in Nigeria. The US will also play Malawi and UAE while in Nigeria. From reading into the post, it sounds like the Wizards are going to have a friendly against the US team as they prepare to go to Nigeria. The two team's played back in January of this year in the Wizards first preseason game, which the Wizards won 7-0.

Was able to ask Robb Heineman about this tonight at the Jimmy Conrad show. He said that apparently the U-17 team had some stuff not work out in their run up to the U17 World Cup and the Wizards appear ready to step up to help the team out. The U-17's would train in KC for a week or so and play probably 2 games in KC. One against the Wizards reserves and one against one of the Wizards Juniors teams.

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