Friday, October 02, 2009

Playoff Chances

With 4 weeks left in the season, the Wizards find themselves in 13th place in the overall table, 6 points behind 8th place New England for the final playoff spot. Between KC and New England are DC, Toronto, Salt Lake, and Dallas. Those 4 teams have all played 27 games, while KC and NE have played 26.

Over at Bigsoccer, user Knave has been doing a great breakdown after each game week of how things in the league look. This weekend, there are three games that can affect the Wizards chances along with the Wizards game against Houston. Of course the big thing that needs to happen, is that the Wizards need to find a way to win in Houston on Sunday. This weekend, the Chivas (38) at DC (36), Seattle (38) at Columbus, and New England (37) at Colorado (39). The middle of the table is so close, that Colorado, 8 points ahead of KC are still surprisingly within reach of the Wizards. As for who the Wizards want to win this weekend. They will wantn DC to lose to Chivas, Columbus to defeat Seattle, and they likely want a draw from the New England-Colorado game.

Those results would put the Wizards on 34 points, still 4 points out of the playoffs, but still with a shot to get in. That is of course, an ideal situation. DC is probably the favorite in their game. A result by DC would still leave KC 4 points out of the playoffs, but needing to look at their goal difference as well. In the end, this week all the Wizards can worry about is their own game against Houston. Win and you are still alive and fighting for a spot. Lose and the light gets very very dim.

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