Friday, October 30, 2009

Down the Byline Wizards Team Awards

The Wizards have handed out their year end awards, and it's now time for me to hand out my end of the year awards to Wizards players. I'm going to hand out the same awards I did last year, I'm also adding a Performance of the Year award to the best single game performance by a player this season.

Rookie of the Year
Matt Besler
Not really a surprise, it was either going to be Besler or Graham Zusi getting this years award, and I don't think that Zusi got enough time this year to be considered for the award. Even without that, Besler had a pretty good season, and has looks like he could develop into a strong defender.

Defender of the Year
Kevin Hartman
For the second year in a row, Hartman has been the teams best defender. He kept the Wizards in multiple games they had not business being in. While the offense wasn't scoring goals, Hartman was doing his best to keep the team in games and giving them a chance to win games, the thing good goalkeepers do.

Goal of the Year
Davy Arnaud vs TFC (1)
Plenty of decent candidates this year, either of Arnaud's goals against Toronto, or his goal against Seattle. Claudio Lopez also had some decent goals, his midfield strike against LA being one of them. Or even some of the team goals, like the second against New England back in June. Of them all I liked Arnaud's first on opening day against TFC. Just raw power by Arnaud.

Performance of the Year
Josh Wolff vs NE 9/5
Coming into New England with 1 goal in two months of league play the Wizards needed a big performance and got one from Wolff. Wolff played a part in all 4 of the Wizards goals, including scoring two himself. His run on the second goal was a thing of beauty and a look at the Wolff of old.

Kevin Hartman
My thought came down to 3 players, Lopez, Hartman, or Wolff. In the end, I went with the guy who I felt showed up the most during the season, and that was Hartman. Claudio Lopez had himself a good season (7 goals 8 assists) as did Wolff (11 goals), but I think Hartman was the team's most valuable player, he kept KC in plenty of games they had no business being in. His only real bad game was the 6-0 drubbing in Dallas where everyone looked bad. Meanwhile the offense went 2 months only scoring 1 league goal.

So those are my awards for this year, agree? Disagree?

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Reepicheep said...

It might surprise you that I wouldn't quibble with your choices here. I did think Claudio's wonder goal against LA was a strong candidate for Goal of the Year.