Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October Player of the Month

The Wizards season is over, but the Player of the Month for October needs to be handed out. My year end awards will also be coming out soon as well. In October the Wizards went 0-2-2, scoring 5 goals and allowing 8 goals during that time frame. Here are a few candidates for October.

Claudio Lopez - Lopez had a goal and an assist in October, setting up Zoltann Hercegfalvi's goal in Houston and scored the game tying PK against DC.

Zoltan Hercegfalvi - While he only started two games in October, Hercegfalvi scored two goals for the Wizards against Houston and Seattle.

This month, the award is going to

Zoltan Hercegfalvi. Hercegfalvi's play was refreshing for the team. He brought something to the forward line that had been lacking for the Wizards throughout most of the season. And while he didn't get a whole lot of minutes in October, when he was on the field, his style of play pushed the game for the Wizards. I'm looking forward to next season and him having an entire year with the team.

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