Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday Of Stats

Here's your stat fix for the week. Lots of land mark appearances this week.

Claudio Lopez made his 50th start for the Wizards in MLS play.

Lopez's assist on Zoltan Hercegfalvi's goal was his 15th for the Wizards in league play, tying him with Chris Henderson for 13th place on that list.

Jimmy Conrad made his 200th start for the Wizards in all competitions.

Josh Wolff made his 200th appearance in league play in his MLS career.

It was Wolff's 116th appearance for the Wizards in league play, breaking a tie with Jose Burciaga for 14th place on that list.

Wolff also broke his tie with Diego Gutierrez for 12th place on the list for most league starts for the Wizards, Wolff now has 109 starts in MLS play for KC.

Kevin Hartman made his 97th start in all competitions for KC, breaking his tie with Chris Brown for 19th place on that list.

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