Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Could there be a Strike?

Could the 2010 MLS season be in a little bit of danger next season? It seems like it could be a possibility, as the current collective bargaining agreement is up in January. According to former Wizard, Nick Garcia in the Toronto Sun (yes I know the Sun is a tabloid), players have been told to put money back for this year just in case.

Anyone that's paid attention to MLS can see that it seems like the players are getting a bit of a raw deal. There are multiple players on every team's roster that struggles to make it. Many take second jobs and coach youth teams in their cities to make extra money. They also have to room with 2-3 other roommates some times to help make ends meet, especially in cities like LA where the cost of living is higher (remember the exerts about Alan Gordon in The Beckham Experiment). There are other issues on the table, including guaranteed contracts for the players. This is something that every fan of not just the Wizards, but MLS will need to pay attention to in the coming weeks and months. Garcia's thought is that a deal won't be reached until around the time the MLS season starts.

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