Thursday, October 08, 2009

Stadium Completion Date

Last night on the Jimmy Conrad Show, Robb Heineman spoke candidly about the Wizards stadium complex out in Kansas. There's some good information about the complex and some vague details of the amenities at the stadium as well. During the discussion, Heineman states that they are hopeful to have the stadium open just after the All Star break during the 2011 season. This would likely mean another half a season in CAB for the first portion of the 2011 season. It also means that the Wizards will likely look to have a road heavy schedule early in the season to maximize profit with more late season games played at their new stadium. All this though is still dependent on the approval of the reuse of the STAR Bonds by the State of Kansas. Hopefully Wizards fans will hear something soon on that as well.


MOUFWASH said...


Did he give any sort of time line on when the state would decide on the reuse of the star bonds?

Mike said...

He said they are close, but he didn't give an exact time line. He did mention that the 30 day deal they signed with WyCo expires on Friday.