Thursday, October 08, 2009

Wizards to Play U17's Tuesday

Yesterday I posted about the US U17 team training in KC in their preparations for the U17 World Cup and how there was likely to be a game while the they were here. Today on Bigsoccer, Robb posted again saying that the game would be Tuesday out at Swope Park.

I've gotten some more information on the game. The game will take place on Field 3 out at the Wizards complex at Swope, the turf field, Tuesday at 7 pm. The opponent for the U17 team will be a team made up mainly of the Swope Park Rangers, along with potentially some first teamers as well. I know I'll be out there for this game to not just see the reserves, but to see the up and coming US national team players with the US U17 team.

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