Friday, October 16, 2009

Sad Stats

Here's a sad stat for you on this Friday, along with a breakdown of what KC needs this weekend to stay alive in the playoff race.

This season the Wizards have taken 345 shots, that's tied for the second most in the league with Dallas. Only RSL has taken more shots. The Wizards have taken 142 shots on goal this season, that's good for 4th in the league. With those high numbers, the Wizards only have 29 goals this season, second worst in the league. Only New York has scored less goals this season. KC needs to score 4 goals in their final 2 games just to tie the 1999 Wizards for the lowest scoring team in team history.

As for this weekend's games, the Wizards have 4 other games along with their own where they need results in to stay alive in the playoff race. Here are the games and what results are needed, the home team is listed first.
KC vs Seattle - KC MUST win.
TFC vs RSL - Must end in a draw, either team wins, they get over our max.
NE vs Chicago - Chicago win, NE can't earn a point.
DC vs Columbus - Columbus win or draw, DC can not get more than a point.
FCD vs CO - CO win or draw, Dallas can not get more than a point.

The Wizards could know if they're eliminated by the time they kick off against Seattle as the Toronto-Salt Lake game is Saturday afternoon.