Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Season Tickets are Here!

I was a little worried whether the tickets would get here on time, but today on my front porch in a Priority Mail package, were this year's Wizards' season tickets. With it being only 3 days until the first game, I was ready to write a scathing write up about the lateness of the Wizards in getting the tickets out to Season Ticket Holders. Still, to an extent, I am upset that it took the Wizards this long to get the tickets out. Many of the teams have already sent their tickets out to fans, and sending them out the week of the first game is just begging for multiple fans to be calling the Wizards front office frantic wondering where their tickets are.

Overall, though, I'm happy with the look of this year's tickets. Not only did they come with my parking passes, they came with a folder with an electronic media guide and fact book, and while I'm a fan of the paper versions, this will still get plenty of use. Season Ticket Holders also got their membership card. Also included were pocket schedules, a pamphlet that has a picture of the stadium from the 3 Trails website and other bits of information on tickets, the 2008 season, and 2009 season.

As for the tickets, the Wizards did a cool think this year. While last year the team had put together a collage that spanned across tickets, this year the Wizards gave each ticket it's own theme. Each ticket has a picture representing the theme and included in the package was a sheet explaining each of the themes. Here is the list of the themes in order.

vs Toronto - OnGoal - The Wizards owners
vs San Jose - The Trails - The future home of the Wizards
vs New York - Human Tunnel - Prematch team walk out
vs DC - - Largest selection of Wizards merchandise
vs Chivas USA - MLS Cup 2000 - The Wizards first and only MLS Cup win
vs Columbus - World Cup Wizards - 19 current or former Wizards have been in the World Cup
vs New England - KC Soccer Foundation - Charitable arm of the Wizards and OnGoal
vs Houston - National Team Wizards - 27 current or former Wizards have represented the full US national team
vs LA - Starting XI Girls - The Wizards dancers/hospitality girls
vs Chicago - Swope Park Training Facility - The Wizards home facility
vs Salt Lake - Boot Room - "A symbol of the professional atmosphere encouraged within the training facility."
vs Dallas - Lamar Hunt - Wizards founder and first owner
vs Colorado - KCW Juniors - The Wizards youth system has so far been successful locally and some national success as well.
vs Seattle - Hillcrest Road - The Wizards official blog
vs DC - Cauldron - Home to the Wizards supporter's section.
Special Game A - KC Soccer History - Celebrating the history of the Comets, Attack, and Spurs, the city's previous pro soccer teams.
Special Game B - MLS History - The league enters it's 14th season.
Special Game C - Wizards History - History of the boys in blue.

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Reepicheep said...

I wish they would have remembered to put my parking passes in with my season ticket packet.

Big pain.