Saturday, March 14, 2009

Running Commentary KC vs Minnesota Game 1

FULL TIME The Wizards dominate again in the second half getting 3 more goals. The game as a whole was extremely chippy a lot of the reason why had to do with the field which got into extremely bad condition as the game went on. Overall, not a bad way to end the preseason. I'll be back in a little bit after some interviews with some PBP of the second.

90th minute
- Another cross by the Thunder is just over the forwards head.

90th minute
- Long shot by the Thunder that Hartman takes with his chest to kill some time.

89th minute
- Corner by Espinoza is to the near post but is cleared away.

87th minute
- The reserve players are warming up right now in preparation for the second game which I'm told will only be 1 45 minute half.

86th minute
- Morsink tries to play Espinoza in over the top, but the Thunder defender gets to the ball just before him.

85th minute
- The referee takes Morsink aside to talk to him after he is fouled by a Thunder player.

84th minute
- Hohlbein does well to hold off his man deep in his end to earn a goalkick.

83rd minute
- More slipping by both the teams defenders, the field is looking worse.

82nd minute
- KC has a little trouble clearing their end, but finally does.

81st minute
- Ball over over the top by the Thunder but the player is offside.

80th minute
- Jack Jewsbury is coming off for Kurt Morsink. And the armband goes to Hartman.

79th minute - GOAL
- Roger Espinoza. After a very nice build up. Leathers played the ball over the top to Kraus who collected turned and picked out Thompson trailing him. Thompson played the ball across the middle to Espinoza who one timed it into the far post.

78th minute
- Two more subs for the Thunder 16 and 13 on for 19 and 10.

76th minute
- Game is getting a little chippy, lots of fouls, some of which a member of the Thunder staff is not liking.

76th minute
- Ball is played on the ground through, but Hartman is off his line and slides into the ball before the attacker gets there.

75th minute -
Ball is played into Kraus who makes a nice turn but sends his shot over the bar.

73rd minute
- Thompson chests the ball down, turns but his shot is weakly into the arms of the keeper. Long ball back over the top is easily claimed by Hartman.

72nd minute
- The last few minutes have been back and forth but neither team has been able to get many good chances.

72nd minute
- 1171 is the attendance tonight.

71st minute
- Kraus and Espinoza come on for Wolff and Lopez.

71st minute
- Kraus and Espinoza are getting ready to come on for KC.

70th minute
- 3 on 3 break for KC, but Lopez takes a little too much time on the ball and the defenders catch up with him.

70th minute
- Handball called on Wolff around the middle of the field.

69th minute
- Free kick for the Thunder on the side of the box is deflected and partially cleared by KC.

68th minute
- Lopez slots it into the corner without the keeper even moving. 3-0 KC.

67th minute
- PENALTY. Thompson plays the ball in the box to Zusi who is brought down in the box. Lopez takes and puts away.

66th minute
- Ball through is easily claimed by Hartman.

65th minute
- Kraus, Espinoza, Besler, and Morsink warming up right now. 3 more subs getting ready to come on for the Thunder, 21, 24, and 14. Out are 3, 2, and 5. Besler is also coming in for Conrad now. Jewsbury takes the arm band.

62nd minute
- Thompson in for Gomez. Also 4 for the Thunder out for 11. The sub comes after a long distant shot just over the bar.

61st minute -
Abe Thompson is getting ready to come in.

58th minute -
Gomez plays a cross across the 6 yard box but no one is on the back side for the tap in.

57th minute
- The football coach is not going to be happy, his field is getting really torn up. Souter is brought down around midfield and takes a quick free kick.

55th minute
- Long throw by Leathers is headed out, but there is a foul for the Thunder.

54th minute
- Free kick by the Thunder from their own half is flicked into the box by a KC player. A Thunder player gets on the end of it but not only was his shot right at Hartman, but he was offsides.

52nd minute
- Long shot by Harrington is caught on the line by the Thunder keeper. Then Gomez is played through but the keeper gets to it first.

50th minute - GOAL
- Lopez runs down the left, crosses in, but it is blocked right back to Lopez, who picks out Jewsbury about 15 yards out, Jewsbury slots the ball into the corner 2-0 KC.

48th minute
- Leathers plays in Gomez, who drops the ball back to Lopez who has an empty net, but a defender gets a leg in. Wolff then plays in Gomez who crosses in, but the cross is deflected out for a corner. Corner comes to nothing.

47th minute
- The Thunder has come out possessing better this half but their last effort was a better field goal then shot.

Team's are back out. Arnaud is out and into the game is Kevin Souter. For Minnesota, Bass is out for number 23 also in is number 17.

While a dance team is performing during half time, staff is on the field pushing down divots. For those wondering the temperature is currently in the 40's but it's dropping as the sun goes down.

HALFTIME - 1-0 KC. KC has had the majority of possession so far, but chances have been at a premium. Both of KC's best chances have come off free kicks from Claudio Lopez. Both mainly being balls into the box and not shots.

45th minute
- Jeremiah Bass is off the field right now, he walked off and is sitting by the Thunder bench, no sub has been made. There's very little stoppage time, and we're at half. 1-0 KC.

44th minute
- The field wins again, Arnaud tries to play a through ball and as he does he slips.

43rd minute
- Leathers pushed his player off the ball and the Thunder have a free kick that they take quick, but are quickly sent dribbling back towards their own goal.

41st minute
- Zusi's free kick is poor and easily cleared for a throw.

41st minute
- Wolff tries to dribble to defenders but is fouled about 28 yards out. Zusi and Loepz are over the ball.

40th minute
- Ball is played through but right to Hartman. Ball comes back in, but Kante's shot is WELL over the goal.

38th minute
- Lopez's free kick in is almost flicked on by Wolff, but goes to the keeper who is surprise can only parry the shot which is then cleared for a corner. The corner comes to nothing.

38th minute -
Handball on the Thunder about 25 out and just to the right of goal. Zusi and Lopez over it.

36th minute
- The Thunder are seeing more of the game now with the ball deeper in KC's end, but they really haven't tested Hartman. A long throw into the box is flicked on but headed clear by Conrad.

34th minute
- The field continues to be a major player as the ball bounces over Zusi's foot and out for a throw in.

32nd minute
- Leathers crosses into the box, where Arnaud heads it down to Jewsbury whose shot from 30 yards out is over the bar.

30th minute
- Lopez collects the ball on the left, but his cross has too much on it and goes out for a goal kick.

28th minute
- Free kick from inside the Wizards half is played deep into the box, Conrad heads it to Hartman.

27th minute
- The Thunder play the ball into the box, Hartman comes to claim the ball as it's rolling in, but Conrad beats him to it and clears it out.

26th minute
- Gomez takes the free kick and it goes right into the keepers hands.

26th minute
- Zusi fouled about 25 yards from goal, Jewsbury, Lopez, and Gomez over the ball.

25th minute
- KC is dominating play in the Thunder's end, but the crosses in to Wolff are being claimed by the taller Thunder defenders.

24th minute
- Zusi's through ball to Gomez is just too long and the keeper claims.

22nd minute
- Leathers with a long throw that the keeper tries to claim, but it falls to the ground where Zusi is surrounded by 3 Thunder defenders and the ball is cleared.

20th minute
- Ball over the top to Wolff, who races onto it, but is beaten to it by the Thunder keeper. From the throw Wolff plays in a cross that is deflected for a corner. Lopez' corner comes to nothing.

18th minute
- The field is really not playing well, lots of slipping and mistouches so far.

16th minute
- Lopez plays in Harrington again, and his cross is blocked again.

15th minute
- Arnaud plays Harrington in down the line, but his cross is blocked.

12th minute
- Coach Onalfo is sporting the all black with the coat look, a little Jose Mourinho looking. Long throw again from Minnesota bounces in the box but is eventually cleared up by Conrad.

9th minute
- Gomez brought down on the near side with a tackle, ref gives a yellow Brian Kullman.

7th minute
- Wolff plays a ball into Leathers who ran forward, the ball is cleared for a corner for KC. Ensuing corner is partially cleared but put back in and KC gets another corner.

6th minute
- Zusi tries to round his defender but is not able to get by and fouls him. Cross by Youssouf Kante is too long.

4th minute
- Gomez was fouled on the far side of the field. Lopez curled the ensuing free kick into the box where it bounced once and past the keeper.

4th minute - GOAL
Claudio Lopez

3rd minute
- Quavas Kirk player through but Leathers clears for a throw in, the long throw is headed clear.

2nd minute
- Ball is down in the Thunder's end to start with the Wizards getting a few throw ins on the far side.

1st minute
- Here we GO.

5:28 - Here come the teams and the colors. Few more Thunder fans are here, maybe 9 or so. No real Cauldron presence.

5:25 - 5 minutes to game time, and not a whole lot of people in the stands right now. I'd say somewhere around 500 at the moment all in the main stand except for a few in the East stand.

5:10 - I've seen a few fans with Wizards and Thunder scarves, but not a whole lot of fans here from either team, at least not yet. The field is in some rough shape from last seasons football season. The sidelines from the 30 to the 30 are basically dirt and then your basic wear and tear within the hash marks.

It's game day again and the teams are out on the field warming up getting ready for the game. Here is the starting lineup for KC and for Minnesota.

Kevin Hartman
Jonathan Leathers - Jimmy Conrad - Aaron Hohlbein - Michael Harrington
Jack Jewsbury
Graham Zusi - Davy Arnaud - Claudio Lopez
Herculez Gomez - Josh Wolff

Wizards bench
Boris Pardo
Abe Thompson
Michael Kraus
Roger Espinoza
Kevin Souter
Kurt Morsink
Matt Besler

Nic Platter
Brian Kullman
Andres Arango
Kevin Friedland
Youssouf Kante
Jeremiah Bass
Rod Dyachenko
Ricardo Sanchez
Andrew Peterson
Melvin Tarley
Quavas Kirk


picture-me-rollin said...

What's the temperature?

Dave DuJour said...

It was cold, especially in the shaded stands. The high was supposed to be 50 on Saturday, but by game time it had dropped into the 30s I'm guessing.