Friday, March 27, 2009

Gazing into the Crystal Ball

Normally I avoid the corny references to Wizards and that whole situation, but this was the best name I could come up with for the new feature I'm doing. Luis Arroyave over at The Red Card blog is doing a competition basically between himself and readers predict the results of the coming week's games. For every result that is done right you get a point. Every week you pick a "lock" that if you get right you get 2 points for. And in true honor of the internet and blogs, I'm borrowing this idea and doing the same thing with it.

The first week of the season is basically a crap shoot for everyone and I will officially start with the second week of the season when everyone has an idea of how every team will play. In the first round of "Gazing into the Crystal Ball" I am taking on the President of the Wizards largest Independent Supporter's Group, The Hillcrest Syndicate, Robert Houghton.

Mike's prediction
Columbus vs Toronto FC - MLS champions host TFC, it's another Canadian invasion as TFC is bring down over 1000 supporters for the match. CLB 2-1. (DTB pick of the week)
DC vs Chicago - DC is in their home opener against the Chicago Fire, but the Fire looked strong in their opener away from home. 1-1
New York vs New England - New York can't look much worse then they did last week against Seattle, can they? 1-1
Colorado vs KC - Both teams are looking to rebound from loses in week one. 1-1
San Jose vs Houston - The old Earthquakes against the new Earthquakes again. Houston 2-1
Seattle vs Salt Lake - Salt Lake is a better team than New York, can they show that against the Sounders in week two? Seattle 2-1
Dallas vs Chivas - Chivas won last week, but didn't look incredibly impressive, Dallas lost to a good Chicago team. Dallas 1-0

Columbus Crew over Toronto FC
D.C. United over Chicago Fire
New England Revolution over New York Red Bulls
*Kansas City Wizards over Colorado Rapids
Houston Dynamo over San Jose Earthquakes
Seattle Sounders over Real Salt Lake
Chivas USA over FC Dallas

NOTE: All pictures representing my competition are meant in jest, as a joke, and a way to "belittle" my opponent in preparation for the coming week.

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