Monday, March 09, 2009

More Open Tryouts Information

Hillcrest Road has posted a quick recap of this past weekend's open tryouts. They have a good link to the list of players that made Day 2 of the tryouts. Some of the local players were able to advance to day two and some of the guys that I'd looked up elsewhere also made it. According to the Hillcrest Road link, about 10 of the players that participated in day 2 will be invited back to train with the first team at some time. Two of those players were locals Austin Williams of William Jewell College and Chad Becker of Rockhurst. Will be interesting to see who the other players to be brought back will be.

Over the course of the weekend of watching soccer I was asked by 3 members of the Wizards/front office about why I wasn't out there playing. Kevin Souter and Kerry Zavagnin both asked why I wasn't out there. The same came from Wizards Vice President, Greg Cotton on Saturday. Sorry to disappoint, maybe next year if situations improve.

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