Friday, March 20, 2009

It's About Time

Tomorrow the Wizards season kicks off, and it's about time, the offseason is far too long, it's time to get back to good times at CAB with friends watching the Wizards win games. The Wizards begin this season against Toronto FC, who have brought in multiple new players, including former MLS Cup MVP, Dwayne DeRosario. TFC is looking to make the playoffs for the first time in their clubs history and will be wanting to get themselves off to a good start on the road. The road, though, has not been kind to TFC over their 2 years in the league so far. With TFC's additions this season, I think they're going to be a much improved side, but it could take them a while to gel, which is a good reason the Wizards, a team with much of their core intact, to play TFC now, before they get a chance to start clicking.

Kansas City will be missing 4 players for this game due to injury. None were really expected to be starters, but three of them were expected to be contributors off the bench. Chance Myers, Adam Cristman, and Kevin Souter, along with Eric Kronberg will miss the opener due to injury. In their last preseason game, KC ran out their traditional 4-4-2 and I'd expect them to not just run out the same, but to have the same lineup that started the game against the Thunder last Saturday.
Leathers - Conrad - Hohlbein - Harrington
Zusi - Arnaud - Lopez
Gomez - Wolff

As on Saturday, I expect there to be a lot of switching of positions by the offensive players, specifically Zusi, Arnaud, Lopez, and Gomez, who I expect to rotate around to all 4 of their different positions over the course of the game to try to mix up marking responsibilities for TFC.

PREDICTION - KC is undefeated in season openers and home openers under Coach Onalfo and with the coheisiveness of having the core back together should give KC the edge against TFC. Still Toronto is much improved and will certainly provide a challenge for KC tomorrow. Get out to the tailgate early and let's show the traveling TFC fans how it's done.

KC - 2 (Lopez, Zusi)
TFC - 1 (Guevara)

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