Sunday, March 08, 2009

Open Tryouts Day 2

The Wizards open tryouts are over for another year, and the Wizards coaching staff have some decisions to make on whether or not to invite players back to train with the team. Unfortunately the page on the Wizards website never showed up right, so I was unable to see the names of players that made it to day two. Still I made it out there today on a much colder day and was able to catch much of the tryouts. I recognized some of the players that were out there from yesterday, while others that I thought would be there were not out there. Overall, though, I couldn't give you names of any of the players today that impressed me (mainly because many of them were wearing different numbers today). Today the tryout participants were divided into 3 teams and played 30 minute 11v11 games against the other teams. Players had the chance to impress in a more real game based environment today. We now get to wait and see if any of these players did enough to get themselves called back in to train with the team.

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