Thursday, March 26, 2009

Interview of the Week

Thad has posted this week's interview with poll winner, Davy Arnaud, in his latest write up about practice today and the Wizards press conference. Not only was Thad able to get an interview with this week's winner, Arnaud, he also got an interview with runner up, Graham Zusi. Both interviews are well done, and here are a few highlights from each.

Arnaud talks about his two goals this past weekend against Toronto and scoring them in front of his daughter, who was attending her first game, after being born around the playoffs last year. He then talks about a neck injury that he's struggling with right now that has kept him out the past few days. The good news, is that Arnaud doesn't expect to miss this weekend's game because of it. Arnaud then gives his preview of the upcoming game against Colorado and about moving on from the Toronto game and how the team needs to improve for the next game.

Zusi talks about his first career professional start, including the moments he could take back, likely referring to the first goal where he gave the ball away. He talks about going up against Jim Brennan on Toronto's left side, who was his hardest competition in the game this past week. Finally, he talks about the upcoming game in Colorado and potentially starting again with the injuries that the Wizards are dealing with.

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