Saturday, March 14, 2009

Running Commentary KC vs Minn Game 2

And that's game, the 45 minute second game ends with the score of 1-1. I'll have a full write up of both games either late tonight or tomorrow.

45th minute
- Free kick from Espinoza curls well, but the keeper dives and makes the save fairly easily.

43rd minute
- The Thunder continue to dominate the reserve game, with another shot that goes over the bar.

42nd minute
- Minnesota player dribbles at McKenzie, gets him on his back foot, then takes a shot that curls and hits the post. The ball comes back in, but is played wide.

40th minute
- GOAL Minnesota get their first goal of the night from the penalty spot. Becker guesses right, but the penalty is well placed. 1-1

38th minute
- White makes a mistake on a long ball through and loses his man. Pardo comes off his line and takes out the player's foot as he dives for the ball, drawing a penalty and a red card for the keeper, so we'll get to see Chad Becker in goal.

37th minute
- Good work by Espinoza down the left, he centers to Kraus, who takes a shot, which is tipped wide by the keeper.

37th minute
- Thompson is coming off for Warman or Williams, whichever one wasn't starting.

36th minute
- KC has had a good spell of possession down in the Thunder's end, but nothing comes of it.

34th minute
- Thunder is through again, but White makes a good sliding tackle, and Pardo gets to the ball before it leaves the box.

31st minute -
White subs in for Besler. Thunder corner flies through the box but no one gets to it.

31st minute
- Josh White is getting ready to come on for KC.

30th minute
- Ball over the top wasn't going to get to the box, Pardo got off his line, beat the Thunder player to the ball and headed the ball away.

27th minute
- Pizarro takes a volley from about 30 yards out, but it's right at the keeper.

24th minute
- Minnesota continues to be the dominating team, a cross is claimed well by Pardo.

23rd minute
- Minnesota players muscles by Pizarro, but Pardo is quick off his line and is able to block the shot.

22nd minute
- Thompson lays the ball off for Kraus who's shot from 20 yards goes wide.

19th minute
- The Thunder have had the run of play and just earned a corner as one of their guys were taken down in the box.

13th minute
- Pizarro plays a ball into the back post, cleaver ball, but too close to the keeper. For those wondering, Lance Watson has a bit of a knock that's why he's not playing.

12th minute
- Morsink grabs an arm and is called for the foul. And remember this game is only 45 minutes.

11th minute
- Ball through for Minnesota but the flag goes up, a little surprisingly.

10th Minute
- GOAL Michael Kraus on a header.

Game is 5 minutes in right now, just got back from interviews.

Here's the lineup
Pizarro - McKenzie - Besler - Marquess
Andrew Williams(?) - Souter - Espinoza
Thompson - Kraus

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