Monday, August 18, 2008

Interview Poll Number 2

The Back Post and myself are getting ready for the second interview with a player. Like last time, you, the fan get to vote on who you think we should interview from the choices we have listed. You can vote both here and on The Back Post, so get in your vote for who you think should be interviewed. Here are your options this week:

Michael Harrington - The Wizards goalscorer in Colorado this past weekend.

Kerry Zavagnin - Set the all time league starts record for the Wizards and passed 25,000 career competitive minutes with the Wizards.

Other - Someone else, if you want someone else, write it in in the comments to this post.

Remember to put questions into the comments section as well.


Anonymous said...

How's the shoulder?

What's been the best moment in your time with the Wizards?

Anonymous said...

Carlos Marinnelli:

Why aren't you playing?

Igreja Batista Reformada said...

Carlos Marinelli:

Do you have received bids from Brazilian clubs?

(I posted this question because there are strong rumours here in Brazil that local giant São Paulo FC is about to bring an Argentinian midfielder with the same caracteristics as Marinelli's.)

Mike said...

Same characteristics as in injury prone? Can you email me some links to those rumors (emails on the main page)? I'd love to take a look at those.

szazzy said...

Steve Davis wrote recently that the lack of fouls against Colorado might show a lack of commitment from the team that needs to be addressed by Onalfo.

Do you agree that the effort hasn't been there 100%, or would you attribute the team's struggles to something else?