Sunday, August 10, 2008

Interview Poll

With the comments I've made recently about the lack of Wizards coverage by the media, myself, and Thad over at The Back Post are going to be trying to do something about it. The two of us have selected 4 players from the game last night for a potential interview. Vote both here and on The Back Post blog for the player that you would like to see interviewed. You are also getting the chance to ask some of the questions. Leave any questions that you have for the players in the comments section of this blog or the Back Post. Make sure to note whether they are for a specific player or a general question.


Anonymous said...

How would you rate your personal performance this season so far?

Do you read the blogs and bigsoccer and see what's said about the team?

What's in your CD player right now?

Anonymous said...

If you could bring in 1 player from another MLS team who would it be? (DPs or grandfathered DPs don't count)

Anonymous said...

Are there any nicknames you guys have for Wizards players that the Cauldron really should know?