Saturday, August 02, 2008

I'm Sorry...

that was just plain bad tonight. The Wizards facing another undermanned team (as many as 8 starters missing) and lay a complete egg in DC losing 2-0. The first shut out of the season for Zach Wells and DC United. Yet again, the Wizards offense looked anemic, refusing to take shots until it was too late and then putting them wide or straight at the keeper. Honestly it could have been worse, but for Jamie Moreno hitting the post for DC in the first half. Minus the offensive outburst against Columbus, the Wizards have struggled to score during the run of play. Outside of the Columbus game, only 2 of the Wizards goals have come during the run of play since MAY! The offense just isn't doing it. Something needs to be done, and at this point, I'm seriously considering waiving my reservations I had about Carlos Ruiz and Jeff Cunningham if they'll just put the ball in the net. The offense just isn't good enough.

This loss feels so much like the 3-0 loss to Columbus this year, it's not even funny. At least we didn't have to face this one in front of our own eyes like that one. There was no cohesiveness, the midfield was basically bypassed all night, as the defense just played long balls up to Davy Arnaud and Ryan Pore. Speaking of Pore, what's it say about offseason signing Ivan Trujillo, that he can't even start over 4th year forward, and fan whipping boy, Pore? My hope when Wolff was signed was that it would push Pore to the end of the bench, but obviously it hasn't happened.

Wizards Man of the Match - Davy Arnaud - I wanted to give the award to no one tonight, cause honestly, did anyone really earn it? In the end, it's going to Arnaud, who was his old self on the field again tonight, hustling and working for every ball, he can't do it all himself.

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Reepicheep said...

Right on.

Arnaud missed a couple he absolutely should have finished...still, his hustle was there again, his teammates just didn't follow suit.

In some ways it felt worse than the Columbus loss.