Sunday, August 24, 2008

Revenge on Dallas

Back on July 4th, the Wizards looked to be getting a big win against FC Dallas at Pizza Hut Park, when in second half stoppage time, Abe Thompson scored to give both teams a point from the game. Fast forward to Saturday night, when the Wizards were trailing 1-0 to Dallas, and looking like Dallas was going to steal all 3 points from the Wizards. Instead, Wizards' captain, Jimmy Conrad, playing up front as a forward got his foot on a cross from Josh Wolff and directed it into the net to give the Wizards an undeserved share of the points with Dallas.

Dallas had grabbed the lead early, when in the 7th minute, Andre Rocha took a shot from very long range and caught Kevin Hartman napping a bit. Over the course of the game, KC never really seemed to truely threaten to get a goal back, they'd have plenty of attacks in Dallas' end of the field, but they never really seemed dangerous when in front of goal. Until the Wizards finally scored, they're best chance came in the second half, when a deep ball into the box was met by Roger Espinoza, who couldn't put his header on frame. As the minutes ticked by, and Dario Sala wasted more and more time for Dallas, I was all ready to write a scathing entry today and our anemic offense (which honestly I could still do), especially when the Wizards were a man up for 30 minutes of the game. Instead, Conrad saves the Wizards blushes again, and keeps those slim playoff hopes still alive.

Wizards Man of the Match - Jimmy Conrad - Conrad saves the point for the Wizards tonight, and while 3 would have been a whole lot better, getting a point after the way we played can't be terrible.

Honorable Mention - Kevin Hartman

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Anonymous said...

What did you think of the aftermath of our goal? Finally scoring was such a relief, and Conrad leaping into the cauldron seemed a fitting celebration. But Lopez and a couple other players seemed furious about possibly wasting time and losing the chance to press on to score a winner in the remaining stoppage time.

If the goal came in the 85th minute or something, I think I would definitely have wanted the team to get on with play, but when you score in the 92nd minute to equalize, I personally could understand if scoring a winner in the remaining 60ish seconds isn't the first thought to come to mind...