Friday, August 15, 2008

Stadium Update

A quick stadium update. The Wizards, OnGoal and Lane4 only have 1 hurdle left in getting the funds to begin construction of the Bannister Mall area, that includes building Hillcrest Road for the Wizards. That last hurdle was to petition the release of those funds from the Department of Economic Development. Their next meeting was supposed to be August 19th.

Unfortunately, a poster on bigsoccer posted that the meeting had been canceled. As the poster says, it doesn't mean that the funds for the stadium will not be released. It's likely because a member of the committee had another commitment on that day and could not make the meeting. The next meeting is apparently on September 30th, and the meeting will take place in Kansas City.

It's another minor delay, but all these minor delays are starting to push the demolition of the mall back. Originally construction was to start in June, now we're looking at early October before we can even begin to tear the mall down.


Anonymous said...

Are these committee members appointed or elected. If the latter, let's find out who they are and make sure they don't serve another term.

Reepicheep said...

This stinks. There are always delays in construction. Fat chance we'll be watching games in that stadium before 2011.

Mike said...

Construction will take 18 months or so depending on the severity of our winter. There's still a good chance we'll open in 2010, but we'll likely start with an extended road trip.

Yes most of the officials are elected I believe.