Friday, August 22, 2008

Two-Thirds Done

The Wizards are two-thirds of the way through this MLS season. And with only 10 games left, the Wizards currently find themselves outside the playoff picture right now. Bob Rusert had a column out yesterday talking with Onalfo about the last third of the season and what Onalfo expects. In it, Onalfo mentions that he wants to make home a fortress the rest of the season, as well as picking up 6 points from the teams final 4 away games. He feels that 16 points will be enough to get the Wizards into the playoffs this season. That'd give the team a total of 41 points. Only twice in MLS history has a team gotten 41 or more points in a season and failed to make the playoffs (Miami in 2000 and KC in 2005). Not only am I skeptical of getting 16 points over the final 10 games (we have 12 and 13 over each of the first two thirds of the season, but I'm also skeptical that 41 will be enough to get the team into the playoffs with how close the teams are at this time.

But let's take a look at the final 10 games of the season to see if in my opinion I see KC picking up those 16 points. They do have an advantage with 6 of the final 10 being at home, though.

Dallas - 1 point - Dallas will be tired from the long road trip, but they're got enough talent they'll pull out the draw.

@ San Jose - 0 points - San Jose's mid-season changes have paid off for them greatly. They're a decent team right now, and will take all 3 off the Wizards at home.

@ Houston - 1 point - World Cup qualifier in Cuba is the day before, and will see Brian Ching likely gone, as well as Pat Onstad and Dwayne DeRosario for Canada. Hopefully the Wizards take advantage of the loss of those players and win a point on the road.

LA - 3 points - The Wizards need this game against an LA team planning for next year according to Bruce Arena. Not taking all 3 means an end to the season most likely.

Toronto - 3 points - Toronto is a historically poor team on the road, so the Wizards should be able to all 3 off TFC.

@ Chivas USA - 0-1 points - Depending on health, the Wizards could get out of LA with at least a point against the Goats.

Chicago - 1 point - I think we can take the season series, but our offense is too weak and their defense is too strong in my opinion for us to get all 3.

New England - 1 point - A revenge factor for early in the season and a fight for the playoffs should be motivating, but if New England doesn't have it wrapped up, it'll be a big fight.

San Jose - 3 points - San Jose is still an expansion side and playing on the road will be trouble for them. The last home game of the season KC should win this one.

@ New England - 0-1 points - If NE has anything to play for, it'll be a tough one, if they're resting for the playoffs, then the Wizards may have a chance to take all 3.

I see us right now getting about 15 points, and at most 17 points. They certainly have a chance to make it into the playoffs, but they'll need to fight and surprise a few teams to get in.

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