Friday, August 01, 2008

Taking on the Evil Empire

Yes, I know this is from last year, but it's still great.

Anyways, the Wizards travel to DC this weekend to take on United. The two teams come in going in entirely different directions. The Wizards are undefeated in their last 6 games (2-0-4). DC on the other hand has lost their last 4 games, all at home. Can the Wizards continue their undefeated streak and send DC to their 5th straight home defeat? Things do look pretty good for KC heading into the game. DC will likely be without 3 starters, as both designated player Marcelo Gallardo and Gonzalo Peralta are both out after having hernia surgery. They will also be without Gonzalo Martinez, who picked up a red card against Houston last Wednesday. With those three out, the Wizards will have a better shot at taking the game.

While Josh Wolff left practice early yesterday, it didn't seem to serious as he left the field, and I'd expect/hope that he starts tomorrow. If not, we'll likely see Ryan Pore starting. As for the lineup, I'd expect something similar to what we've seen the last few games.

Jewsbury - Conrad - Hohlbein - Harrington
Arnaud - Victorine - Morsink - Espinoza
Lopez - Wolff

PREDICTION - Without 3 starters, United should be ready for the taking. The problem is, I thought that earlier this year when the Wizards took on an undermanned New England side, and we were played off the field. Hopefully KC has learned from that and the Wizards can bring the full 3 points home from DC. And in the process leap frog over them and continue our move up the table.

KC - 2 (Lopez, Arnaud)
DC - 1 (Emilio)

From the KC Star today, it looks like Davy Arnaud will be moving into the striker position, while Claudio Lopez drops into the midfield. So I'd expect the lineup to look more like this:
Jewsbury - Conrad - Hohlbein - Harrington
Victorine - Lopez - Morsink - Espinoza
Arnaud - Wolff
With this lineup, I'd expect Lopez to be able to float all over the field.

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