Friday, August 29, 2008

Struggling Wizards Head to San Jose

The Wizards will try to get only their second away win of the season when they go to take on San Jose this weekend. Not since the 1-0 win against Chicago the first away game of the season have the Wizards taken all 3 points on the road. Since then the Wizards are 0-5-5 on the road getting only 5 of the 30 points available for them.

Some players on San Jose will have a chip on their shoulder as well, former Wizards Nick Garcia and Scott Sealy are both now with the Earthquakes. Overall, the Earthquakes are playing miles better then last years expansion team, Toronto. The Earthquakes are pushing hard for a playoff spot in their first season and have made some good additions during the season to make them even more competitive.

Meanwhile, the Wizards haven't done a whole lot of adding to their roster, the only addition during the season has been Josh Wolff, returning from Germany. From the injury report, it looks like the Wizards could be without Sasha Victorine. If so, I think we're likely to see the return of Kurt Morsink to the starting line up.
Jewsbury - Conrad - Hohlbein - Marquess
Harrington - Zavagnin - Morsink - Lopez
Arnaud - Wolff

PREDICTION - If the Wizards want to make the playoffs, they need to get points out of this game. Whether it's a draw or a win, the Wizards need the points. The Wizards road record has already been touched on, so I'm not overly optimistic about a win tomorrow. But I have hope we can pull out a draw.

KC - 1 (Wolff)
SJ - 1 (Sealy)

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