Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Road is Not Our Friend

The Wizards continue to have their trouble on the road as they put in a lackluster effort and fell in Colorado 2-1. Overall, the performance was another poor one, as a struggling Colorado side dominated the Wizards for long stretches of the game.

Colorado were pressuring from the beginning and were able to get the opening goal through Conor Casey. After the goal, the Wizards started to play a little better, as Sasha Victorine had the Wizards best chances, in the end a rebound from one of his shots fell to Michael Harrington who put the ball away to even the score and take the Wizards into half time tied 1-1.

The Wizards didn't come out to play to start the second half, and Colorado made them pay as Casey got his second goal of the game muscling Jimmy Conrad off the ball and beating Kevin Hartman. Throughout the rest of the second half, the Wizards had trouble mustering anything on the attacking side of the field. The attack continues to struggle, and San Jose has almost passed them for the lowest scoring team in the league. And while other teams down by the Wizards at the bottom of the table (San Jose, New York, etc) have brought in multiple players to try and improve their team, the Wizards have only brought in Wolff. And with the MLS transfer window closed, they'll have to try someone in the league to fill that final roster spot, if they choose to actually fill it.

The Wizards website has put a good spin on the game, as it's only the Wizards second loss in 9 league games. What they don't tell you, is that of the 27 points available to the Wizards from those games, the Wizards have only picked up 13, less then half.

Wizards Man of the Match - Michael Harrington - I struggled to pick someone for this game, but I'll go with Harrington since he got a goal, but that's about it for the highlights of this game.

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