Thursday, August 07, 2008

Line up Shake Up

Thad over at The Back Post has the story. It looks like Onalfo is going to be switching things up this weekend with Chivas coming to town on Saturday. Roger Espinoza, Kurt Morsink, and Ryan Pore are dropped in favor of Josh Wolff, Kerry Zavagnin, and rookie Matt Marquess. So we can expect something like this on Saturday it looks like.

Jewsbury - Conrad - Hohlbein - Marquess
Harrington - Zavagnin - Victorine - Lopez
Arnaud - Wolff

Onalfo confirmed the lineup during this weeks press conference. It's interesting to see Marquess out there instead of someone like Chance Myers or Jonathan Leathers. Thad mentions that Onalfo touched on this as well, saying that Marquess is a naturally lefty, and that while Myers or Leathers could play there, Marquess was the better option.

Overall this looks to be a good lineup, and I know plenty of people are happy to see Harrington moved back into the midfield, where he played the majority of last season before taking over for Jose Burciaga on the back line.

One final note about this lineup. Should Zavagnin make it to the 57th minute Saturday night, he will pass Nick Garcia for the all time Wizards leader in MLS minutes played. Zavagnin currently sits on 20,102 to Garcia's 20,158. Earlier this season, Zavagnin became the games played leader, and all time competitive minutes leader, topping Garcia both times. So an early congrats to Zavagnin as I can't see him not breaking the record this season.


Anonymous said...

Are Jimmy and Kevin the only two to start every league match at the same position this season?

(Lopez being the 3rd to start each match but shifting from forward to midfield)

Mike said...

Yes, they are also the only two to play every minute of every game.