Friday, December 28, 2007

Lowe Arrested

I'm a little late getting this posted, mainly because it honestly didn't shock me at all when I read the article.

Anyways, former Wizard, Onandi Lowe was arrested on Christmas Eve for marijuana possession. According to the article, Jamaican police found 42 marijuana cigarettes in Lowe's car. Seriously, they found 42! This doesn't surprise me, because of the previous charges that were filed against him in England back in 2004, for attempting to smuggle crack cocaine out of the country while he was playing with Coventry City, although he was cleared of those charges in February 2005.


Anonymous said...

As I said over on Du Nord, it's a complete frame-up.

What pot smoker do you know who has the attention span to roll 42 joints?

Anonymous said...

but...but... I didn't WANT to be anonymous. I signed my name and everything.

I think blogger is biased against drug-related humor.