Monday, December 17, 2007

Borgetti Rumor Still Around

The rumors of Jared Borgetti coming to MLS and Kansas City have not gone away. A new article out today states that the deal is done for Borgetti to come to the league. Thanks to fireEagleCuauhtemoc on bigsoccer, we have a summary of the article. As I mentioned in a previous article, Colorado and KC are the favorites to land the Mexican striker. According to the article, Borgetti says that Kansas City has shown the most interest in getting him.

This is contrary to what I posted last Wednesday with help from Wizards President Robb Heineman. Heineman had said that the Wizards were not going to be signing Borgetti. Heineman has given me no reason to doubt his word in this situation, so I'll continue to believe his word in this process, and that Kansas City is not going to be signing the Mexican international.

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Anonymous said...

A change of heart perhaps? If the price is coming down, no reason to have it be set in stone.

Nah. The papers are just trying to get people to read their crap.