Friday, December 07, 2007

Bannister NOT Wizards Only Option

One day after Mayor Funkhouser stated that while "excited" about the planned redevelopment of Bannister Mall, he didn't want the plan to use the Super TIF that the plan called for, the developers stated their displeasure in his decision.

The article has quotes from the councilwoman, Cathy Jolly, of the district that includes the Bannister Mall complex. Her and councilman, John Sharp are definitely for this development. To overrule a potential veto by Mayor Funkhouser, Jolly and Sharp would have to get the backing of 6 more of their colleagues to be on board with them. To override the veto, the council would need a 3/4's majority (8 of 12).

Should the plan not pass, it's not like the Wizards will be left out in the cold. As with all good businessmen, OnGoal LLC has a backup plan should the Bannister plan fail. That plan involves the team staying in Kansas and moving down south to Olathe. While the OnGoal still says that Bannister is where they want to play, the city of Olathe has approached the team about using STAR bonds to help build a stadium out in the southern KC suburb.

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