Thursday, December 13, 2007

Council Passes 3 Trails TIF

The KC City Council today unanimously passed Lane4 and the Wizards TIF plan for Bannister Mall today, 13-0. As I stated yesterday, the one doubt had been Mayor Funkhouser. Funkhouser again in the meeting today stated his stance on Super TIFs, but then stated that he realized for this redevelopment, a Super TIF was required for it to succeed.

Four members of the city council spoke publicly at the meeting, which was broadcasted live on Kansas City's website. John Sharp, the 6th district (the district the site is in) representative, Terry Riley of district 5, and at large members Cathy Jolly and Cindy Circo all spoke very highly of the project and the impact that it would have not only the district it's in, but the surrounding area.

All is not over yet, though, as the TIF has to get it's state funding. Although, as one Wizards staffer said on bigsoccer, the money is already in the state budget, earmarked for use by a major TIF in the city of KC.

Wizards fans can celebrate the great news tonight and look forward to attending the ground breaking some time next year.

And thanks to the gallery on the Wizards website, we have this great picture of the overlay of the project on the current area.

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szazzy said...

It is a great, great day to be a Wizards fan.