Sunday, December 09, 2007

Eddie Johnson in FourFourTwo

Eddie Johnson is in the supplement for the recent issue of FourFourTwo. The Supplement, out just before the opening of the January transfer window, is entitled: "100 Players Your Club Should Sign - From Aberedeen to Yeovil, we name the men who could supercharge your season!" It's a list of 100 players that would be good buys for teams from the BPL, SPL to all 3 levels of the football league, including non-conference players all the way up to Ronaldinho.

The list is divided up by the position the player plays, so the numbers are not of great importance, but at number 76 on the list, is Wizards forwad, Eddie Johnson.

Here is what is said about Johnson in the magazine:

Eddie Johnson
Age 23 Nationality American
Current Club Kansas City Wizards
£ £ £

Why buy? He's your classic 'bull in a china shop' English-style forward, all speed and muscle, with a good nose for goal. When he's hot, if you give him sight of the sticks, then he'll finish. The down side with Johnson is that his form is streaky: he scored 13 goals throughout August for KC but then went fallow, as the club struggled to make the play-offs. Nonetheless, his numbers - 15 goals, six assists - were enough for him to scoop the league's Comeback Player of the Year award.

Would suit... A club that needs an impact player off the bench. Critics say Johnson needs the ball put on a plate for him in order to do the business, so midfield support is a must. He has plenty of compatriots at Fulham but may need to first find his feet in the Championship. JT
A fairly accurate write up on the Wizards forward, even if it is done by Jamie Trekker. Johnson is definitely one of those "streaky" strikers, who when he gets on a roll is deadly. But as good as he can be when on, he can be just as inept when his form is bad.

The three £ signs, is the rating system that the magazine used to rank the different players, by their price range. Johnson fell into the £1-5 million range. In the end, I think Johnson would fit in well at an upper level championship side, like a Watford, West Brom, or Charlton.

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I would completely about the championship. Its no crime to spend some time in the championship where he can actually see significant playing time and adapt to the speed, weather and culture.