Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Borgetti to KC?

The Wizards finally look to have some credible rumors about the signing of a designated player. Hoping to have the same affect as Blanco did in Chicago, Kansas City is apparently interested in Mexican international Jared Borgetti. Borgetti has turned down offers to play in the Ukraine and Russia, and is being looked at by both the Wizards and Colorado about him coming to play in MLS. I don't read Spanish, but it's hard to miss the words Colorado and Kansas City in that article.

Personally I think this is a great move. Putting my US-Mexico feelings aside, I think Borgetti is a good striker that could have much more of a Blanco effect on the field, then a Denilson effect. He still has some years in him and was a good striker down in Mexico this past year. He'd be able to come in and take Eddie Johnson's place easily when Eddie leaves. It'd give Scott Sealy a target forward to play off of as well. Besides his effect on the field, he'd more then likely have the Blanco affect in the stands, as Mexicans in the US would likely come to games just to see Borgetti play.

The question becomes, is this just posturing by his agent, or is there real substance to this rumor.

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bfos said...

Holy crap! This would be AWESOME.

I hate Mexico. But, I also have TONS of respect for Borgetti. Get this done and I'll definitely make it to more than the one game I attended this season. Heck, I'd probably waste the money on season tickets just to show my support.