Sunday, August 26, 2007

Yet Again Chicago Not Friendly to Wizards

Another game in Chicago, another loss there. Should KC just not show up in Chicago and just take the forfeit? The result would be the same. Last night the Wizards though were able to hold possession and spent much of the time in Chicago's end of the field, but could not get any goals. Meanwhile, KC again allowed a late first half goal to send them into the half down 1-0. This one off of a Blanco free kick, Chicago's first shot on goal in the half. At some point you have to look at the coaching because of this. The continued late goals in the halves is starting to get very very troublesome. It happened late in both halves of the Wednesday game, and it happened again last night, as they allowed goals in the 44th and 86th minutes. For only so long you can blame the late second half goals on pushing numbers forward.

Eventually you have to think that there has to be some problem with the way this team is being coached. I know Coach Onalfo has done great things with this team this season, but his faults as a coach are being shown as teams are starting to continuously exploit the Wizards late in each half.

3 Stars of the Game
1. Blanco - Chi - I hate his diving ass, he was going down well before he was touched on that last free kick he earned, but he adds so much to Chicago's attack that you can't ignore him.
2. Davy Arnaud - KC - All over the field as he always is, continually adds to the attack.
3. Jon Busch - Chi - Pitched the shutout against the Wizards.

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